Portland Golf Society - Northumberland 2022



It was back to Northumberland this year for the pseudo annual Wales trip. A great turnout of 28 Portland Golf members meant that every room in the hotel was occupied by ourselves. 

The trip began with an early start from Manchester to get to Dunstanburgh Golf Club for a 12:00 tee start. All managed to get there in time and so the fun began. The course was challenging and the scoring proved difficult for some but not for James Cleary who came in with a magnificent 41 points.  







Dave Baynes


Martin Claffey


John Martin


Dave McGovern


Jim Cleary



We were on a tight schedule as the Hotel informed us that they didn’t normally serve food on a Monday so required us to eat at 6pm. A quick run back and shower and we were ready for Ernie’s Evening Entertainment. Mr Captain worked particularly hard during this trip, more to come later. 

Following a hearty breakfast it was off to the borders with trip to Goswick Links just short of Berwick on Tweed. Scoring was very similar to Monday but with a surprise appearance in the winners’ enclosure of Andy Minshull following a few barren years. It was a day of surprises with Barbara Johnson outsmarting the men with a nearest the pin on the 15th.       





 5th Dave McGovern  35
 4th  Jay Chambers  36
 3rd  Kevin Bolton  37
 2nd  Jim Cleary  37
 1st  Andy Minshull  40


Ernies quiz was now followed by a game of Killer Pool utilising the pool table in the bar. A misspent youth saw Jay Chambers taking on all comers in what was a follow up to his exploits in Turkey. 

It was off to Bamburgh Castle next and it did not bring back happy memories from the last time we were hers pre Covid in 2019. The weather that  day was biblical and only about 6 people went out and only four finished. It seemed like Groundhog day again as we were greeted with a howling wind and torrential rain. We waited about 30 mins and most people agreed to go out, eventually the weather calmed and all 28 took to the course. This was a particularly challenging course with 6 par 3’s and the wind and rain ensured that three of them had an untouched green despite 28 people trying for a nearest the pin.  Still Steve Payne and Rob Goodwin-Davey managed to get 2’s to share the money.


It’s at this point that Mr Captain decided to enhance his reputation as Mr Entertainments  by contriving to set off his trolley and golf bag in a Kamikaze raid on one of the bunkers.    

That wouldhave been bad enough but most of the pockets on his golf bag were open and the contents were now buried in the soft bunker sand. As well as balls and tees there was an assortment of ancillary equipment retrieved that it is best not talking about.

Undeterred but with a smashed Driver Mr Captain managed to complete the course.   






 5th  Jay Chambers  35
 4th  Jim Cleary  35
 3rd  Brendan Brady  36
 2nd  Dave Baynes  37
 1st  Gary Brocklehurst  38



Wednesday night was Steak Night at the hotel so another early start required as the locals also book the restaurant.

The result was a search party send out to find a suitable pub for our post dinner drinks. A local working men’s club was found (always a good choice in this part of the country) I think they were surprised but also delighted to get 28 newcustomers on a wet Wednesday in Seahouses. Snooker, pool (Jay again) and juke box was the order of the day. Then it was back to the hotel for round 3 of Bunker Rowlands quiz. 

Checking out of the hotel we travelled a short distance to Alnmouth for final day’s golf.

Alnmouth (AKA Foxton Hall) Golf Club is a really well presented course and some interesting holes. In true Major Golf championship style the leading 4 contenders went out last at the back of the field Jim Cleary, Dave McGovern, Dave Baynes and Andy Minshull.

It was a tense end to the week and although all the 4 par 3’s were hit only two people were able to sink the putts for a 2, well done Howard Dickson and Kevin Bolton.





 5th  Jay Chambers  32
 4th  Kevin Bolton  34
 3rd  Joe Boyd  35
 2nd  David Baynes  37
 1st  Brendan Brady  38


A valiant effort from Dave Baynes just failing to catch Brendan (I’ve no chance of winning anything) Brady. So how did that affect overall  results and the winner of the Wales ( we may have to rename it) Trophy.


 Day 1

 Day 2

 Day 3

 Day 4


 Jim Cleary  41  37  35  28  141
 Dave Baynes  33  32  37  37  139
 Andy Minshull  29  40  32  32  133
 Dave McGovern  36  35  31  27  129
 Gary Brocklehurst  30  30  38  27  125
 Jay Chambers  21   36  35  32  124
Joe Boyd  28  29  27  35  119
Brendan Brady  25  20  36  38  119
 Kevin Bolton  29  37  18  34  118



Close but no cigar for Dave Baynes, finishing 2nd just like his football team,  holding on to his lead and winner James Cleary.




Captains Cup @ Denton GC 24th June 2022

It was finally time for the much anticipated Captains Cup at Denton Golf Club home of our much loved captain Ernie Rowlands. The day required a strong pair of sun sunglasses and even stronger stomach as the order of the day from Mr Captain was a loud shirt or a forfeit to be paid. As you can see below the majority conformed and those that didn’t were chased up by Frances Sinnott to put a fair contribution/fine into the charity fund. 


A good turnout of 29 golfers, due to a late arrival no names no pack drill, teed off. The Captain led the first bunch away and with his experience of course advised them of the approaches. The weather was kind to us and the course was in fine condition. I’m not sure what the Denton members thought of the kaleidoscope of colours wandering around their course. 

There were some good scores returned and as is normal for the Portland a  card playoff was needed to sort out the winners. A sneaky attempt by yours truly to provide a different method of result for card playoff was refused and so Joe Boyd triumphed with a better back nine score than Kevin Bolton. 

A number of raffle prize donations were provided so the raffle took longer than usual, a mini paint roller kit was declined by all until our President Mr Garner was the last ticket out and had no choice but to take it. Im sure the many alcoholic prizes would have been more to his taste, but he can now paint the town red.

Nearest Pin     
2 Bill Harris  
5 Geoff Haynes  
8 Kieran Dunn  
 13 Dave Saville   
Longest Drive Mike Smith  
Nearest Line   Luke Russell  
2's None  £24 c-o
Results  Name Pts
Mention Geoff Haynes 32
  Kieran Dunn 32
5th Mike Smith 32
4th Brian Murray 33
3rd John Martin 34
2nd Kevin Bolton 35
1st Joe Boyd 35


The absence of any 2’s means the pot for Marple  will be well worth winning.

Well done Joe Boyd, this years Captains Cup winner



Portland Cup@ Charlton GC, 26th May 2022

After the sunshine of Turkey it was back to England and 27 members converged on Chorlton. We had a couple of new recruits in Andy Howarth and Derek Atherton.

I have been too busy to write this up and therefore have little recollection of events on the day. Suffice to say Chris Murphy surprised everyone by returning a score of 39 points to push Hart Common winner Mike Smith into 2nd place. 

Paul Sinnott claimed a nearest the pin and joined Pete Derbyshire and Andy Howarth in sharing the money for a 2. 

The only thing of note that I can remember is the fact that the pies served up for our meal required a pneumatic drill to get into them. 

Nearest Pin     
4 Paul Sinnott  
10 Pete Derbyshire  
13 Chris Miles  
 17 Chris Murphy   
Longest Drive Mike Smith  
2's Andy Howarth
Pete Derbyshire
Paul Sinnott 
Results  Name Pts
Mention Jim Cleary 32
5th Mel Garner 33
4th Terry Tobin 34
3rd Kevin Bolton 34
2nd Mike Smith 35
1st Chris Murphy 39