To use our Gym you must be a member of Mancass and adhere to the Health and Safety rules

Membership fees are £5.25 per month which includes a lottery share number which is included in a monthly draw of £2000 in prizes, the top prize being £750.

Because we are a non-profit making sports and social club we are reliant on the lottery to fund new equipment and subsidies on our other trips.

Note: Because of the cost of running the gyms only fully paid up members will be allowed to use the gym and any existing members who still pay the old £1 membership will NOT be allowed to use the facilities unless they upgrade their membership.

All users must sign a safety disclosure and sign in on entering the gym.

Click on this link for the Health & Safety Disclosure

Gyms and on site contact

Contact Name

Tel No


Stuart Oldham

0131 300 5162

Dial House



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